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March 31, 2017

All classes did an MCap practice probe.  There is no assignment.  Enjoy your spring break and be ready to start quarter 4 when you return!

March 29, 2017

Pre-algebra:  Students had the hour to work on the transformation assignment they were given yesterday.  It is due at the beginning of the hour tomorrow. Tomorrow students have the opportunity to retake the chapter 6 test during class. Stumble sheets must be completed and signed.  
Algebra:  Reviewed translations and reflections from Pre-algebra to help prepare for M-Step test.  The assignment is a translation/reflection worksheet that is due at the beginning of class on Friday.  They will have classtime to work on it tomorrow.  Tomorrow the students also have the opportunity to retake the chapter 8 test during class.  Stumble sheets must be completed and signed.  

March 28, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Given "the transformation project" assignment.  They had all hour to work on it and they will have class tomorrow to work on it as well.  It is due at the beginning of class on Thursday.  Chapter 6 test retake opportunity is before/after school on Wednesday or during class on Thursday.
Algebra:  Factoring worksheet.  Chapter 8 test retake opportunity is during class on Thursday (or before/after school on Wednesday).

March 27, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Reviewed transformations...assignment is a Dilation graph.Chapter 6 test retakes are before/after school Tues/Wed or during class on Thursday. Stumble sheet must be completed.  
Algebra:  Students finished chapter 8 test from Friday. Assignment is p.587 "Are You Ready?"  All quiz retakes need to be taken care of by Wednesday.  Test retakes will be Thursday during class.

March 24, 2017

All of my classes took chapter tests today.  Pre-algebra over chapter 6 and Algebra over chapter 8.  Anyone who didn't finish their test in the hour will get more time on Monday. There are no assignments for the weekend.
Thank you to my students for dealing with me the last two days with no voice...hope to have it back up and running on Monday!! :)

March 23, 2017

All classes today reviewed for the test their hour has tomorrow.  All of the students have a practice test to use as a study guide.  All hours also practiced the MCap test today.
Assignment for all is to study for their test!  Pre-Algebra students need to bring their practice tests and their notes from lessons 6.1-6.3 to class tomorrow.  

March 22, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Worked on practice tests to help prepare for the real test over chapter 6 on Friday.  They need to finish the second practice test tonight and bring back tomorrow to go over.  
Algebra:  Quiz lessons 8.5 & 8.6...assignment is a Practice test for the real test over chapter 8 this Friday.

March 21, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Lesson 6-4...assignment is Homework Practice and Skill Practice worksheets over lesson 4.  The chapter 6 test is this Friday.
**Last Thursday's assignment (6.1/6.2 graphing activity) was due on Monday and is being graded as a quiz.  Please check with your child to see if they have turned this in or not.  I will not accept it after this Friday.
Algebra:  Review for quiz tomorrow over lessons 8.5 & 8.6...assignment is Practice Worksheets 8-5 & 8-6 (side B only).  Chapter 8 test is Friday.

March 20, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Lesson 6-3...assignment is p. 481 #11-16, 19-20.  Chapter 6 test on Friday.
Algebra:  Packet problems 17-44 in the packet.  Quiz Wednesday over packets 7-6 & 7-8.  Chapter 8 test on Friday.

March 17, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  STAR progress monitoring.  Assignment from Thursday is due on Monday.
Algebra:  STAR progress monitoring.  Went over answers to Thursday's assignment and they are to make corrections for Monday.

March 16, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Quiz over lessons 6.1 & 6.2.  Assignment is a graphing activity over lessons 6.1 & 6.2...this is due next Monday March 20th.  
Algebra:  We are covering the rest of chapter 8 by using some packets from another source.  The students have a packet titled lesson 7-6 "Factoring Differences of Squares."  Their assignment in this packet is to do ##14-39, 46-51. Students who wish to retake the quiz from yesterday over lessons 8.1-8.4 need to complete a stumble sheet and see me about a time to retake it.  This needs to be taken care of by next Tuesday.

March 15, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Reviewed for quiz over lessons 6.1 & 6.2 tomorrow.  Assignment is Skill worksheets over lessons 1 & 2.
Algebra:  Quiz over lessons 8.1-8.4....assignment is Practice worksheets 8-3 & 8-4 (side B only).

March 14, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Lesson 6-2...assignment is p. 465 #1-9, 12-19.  Quiz Thursday lessons 1 & 2.  Chapter 5 test retakes are today/tomorrow before or after school.
Algebra:  Review for quiz tomorrow over lessons 8.1-8.4.  Assignment is p. 557 #1-26, 28-33.

March 13, 2017

Pre-Algebra:  Lesson 6-1...took notes for translations and students were given a list of ordered pairs and 4 translations to do to them.  Absent students will need to see me when they return. Quiz Thursday over lessons 1 & 2. Chapter 5 test retakes are before/after school Tuesday/Wednesday.  Stumble sheets must be completed and signed.  
Algebra:  Review lesson 8-4...assignment is p. 552 #25-51, 55-63.  Quiz Wednesday lessons 8.1-8.4.

March 8, 2017

All classes today went online and practiced using the online math tools for the M-Step test that will be coming up in another month or so.  Pre-algebra got their test from yesterday back and have the option to retake it next week before or after school on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Algebra checked their homework from last night and are to make any necessary corrections tonight.  
I will not be in the building tomorrow; students will get review work in all of my classes to work on.  There is no school on Friday for students...teacher's Pd Day.