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  • Test Retake:  Ch 6
  • Mythbusters
  • Today is the end of the 1st semester...You are halfway there!
  • No School TOMORROW!


  • Log into google on chromebooks
  • Study for 10 minutes
  • Test over Chemistry, Chapter 6
  • Once finished, you can:
    • Work on homework from another class
    • Read your SUP book
    • Play CoolMathGames on the chromebook


  • Study Guide Work Time
  • Go over at the end of the hour:  Please see key posted to the blog
  • TEST OVER CHAPTER 6 Tomorrow!


  • Investigating Chemical Reations:  Vocab/Viewing Guide
  • Study Guide Work Time:  Due tomorrow
  • TEST OVER CHAPTER 3 Wednesday!


  • Complete Lesson 6.1 if needed
  • Bill Nye, “Chemical Reactions”
  • TEST OVER CHAPTER 3 Next Wednesday!
  • Have a great weekend!


Chapter 6, Lesson 1: What is a chemical reaction?
Complete investigation in class, Due tomorrow
Test over Chapter 6 next Wednesday!


Welcome Back!

Chapter 6:  Student Reading

  • Highlight Text if not completed last week
  • Use to create heading notes
  • You will be allowed to use these on your test next week!


Chapter 6:  Reading Day

  • Highlight Text
  • Use to create heading notes
  • Heading Notes Due Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!  


  • Science World:  Name that Element!:  Read and figure out the mystery element and answer questions 1-5 on page 22
  • Read “Farty Foods” p. 23, write down 2 main points.
  • Read “Music Then and Now” p. 14-17.  Answer the Essential Question at the beginning and the Core Question at the end.  Write a 1 sentence summary of each entry on the timeline.
password:  sci7fillios


  • Complete C*H*E*M*O Gamecard
  • Work on memorizing symbols
  • Chromebooks: Use Quizlet to create flash cards to study your 24 element symbols


  • Correct Atomic Math Challenge
  • Create C*H*E*M*O Gamecard
  • Due Tomorrow
  • Work on memorizing symbols

Today you will practice using the periodic table and becoming familiar with how it is arranged.