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Test Retake: Waves

The Waves unit test retake will be offered tomorrow during class.  Students interested in the retake were given a study guide in order to prepare.  To take the test, they will need to bring the study guide with them to class and it needs to be signed by a parent as evidence that parents are aware that the student will be retaking the test and have helped ensure that students have studied and prepared.  The score on the retake will replace the original score.


What is Sound? video
Complete viewing guide
Vocabulary and Writing Activity: Due Tomorrow (homework if not completed in class)


  • Pretest: Sound
  • What is Sound? video
  • Complete viewing guide:  Due tomorrow (we will finish it in class)

You will be able to understand that sound, produced when matter vibrates, travels in longitudinal waves through a variety of mediums.


Happy October! 

—Science Court, “Sound”

—Assessment Activity:  Testing Your Recall, Apply What You Learned--—Due Tomorrow

Before you leave you will be able to explain how vibrating objects create sound and how sound waves travel through materials.


—Study:  10 minutes

—Test Over Chapter 1--Good Luck!

Today you will demonstrate your knowledge of how waves transfer energy, what the measurable properties of waves are and how waves behave in predictable ways.

Homecoming Friday…GO CREEK!


—Think it Through Thursday

—Bill Nye video, “Waves

—Video quiz

—Vocabulary Study Time


Today you will review how waves transfer energy, what the measurable properties of waves are and how waves behave in predictable ways.


—Turn in Wave Labs

—Wave Characteristics notes

—Correct Vocabulary page

—Test over Waves on FRIDAY!

—Join Edify Class


—Wave Labs:  We will work on these today and tomorrow

—Lab packets due Wednesday.

—Test over Waves on FRIDAY!


Happy First Full Day of Fall!
Flocabulary Week in Rap
Wave Demonstrations
Vocabulary/Writing Activity: Due Monday!


——Read lesson 1.1 in the textbook (p.9-14)

—Create Heading Notes:  Minimum of 2 facts for each heading, Due tomorrow!

Today you will explain how forces cause waves and describe some different types of waves.

****Reminder:  Scientific Method Quiz RETAKE in class tomorrow if interested!


  • Turn in video viewing guide
  • Go over Scientific Method Quiz:  Retake opportunity Friday
  • Pretest: Waves
  • Nature of waves activity
  • Complete vocabulary page:  Due tomorrow

You will be able to explain how waves transfer energy


  • Check out textbooks
  • Read pages 2-5 “Sound Medicine”
  • Watch “Each Sound is a Present”
  • Complete video viewing guide:  Due Tomorrow

Before you leave today you will discuss practical uses of sound waves in medicine and compare technological uses of waves to similar uses in nature.