First day a success!




Good Morning, Lots of learning going on in Room 405! Today I collected rough drafts of personal narratives we've been working on for 2 weeks. I will give them back on Monday we will revise and turn in finals on Wednesday. CONGRATS to 6th hour for winning our 1st reading and treats to them tomorrow. We'll start over Monday...

Tuesday 9-18

We wrote a pretest in Writing...cause and effect essay. 6th hour reading class has the lead in out of school reading hours logged. 5th hour is a close second and 1st hour needs to remember their reading slips for Monday so they can stay in the race. We will continue on our personal narrative stories tomorrow...working on setting, character development and conflict!


We are in the beginning stages of writing personal narratives and today we made sure we had a setting in our story. Tomorrow will be first grades for work completion on the story and a notebook check for responsibility. Tomorrow is also 6th graders first "music and hat" coupon days. Let the FUN begin!


Homework READ READ READ tickets will be given for each 1/2 hour of reading time at home. Parents need to sign the reading slip verifying the time read and tickets will be handed out each Monday. A monthly contest between my reading hours will hopefully encourage this also...Would anyone like to donate prizes???


STAR testing Reading took place today. I have given all students their MAZE and STAR results and we are beginning to set goals on how to improve our reading. Scholastic book orders were sent today if you wish to order on line that is still possible code is NP6Q3. Thanks for all the orders that came in!!!


Finally a little heat reprieve.  I'm reading The One and Only Ivan aloud to students and discussions follow.Students wrote a short character description paragraph.

9-5...Wickedly warm Wednesday

I think we're settling in quite well. Routines and rules are being established and the learning is beginning. In reading the 30 book challenge has been launched...let the reading begin! Today we began our daily journal writing with 3 minutes of sustained writing, some sore fingers were created. Thank you to all that sent in extra supplies, much appreciated!

Thursday 8-27

Well our first week is history and onto a longer week next. Students once again went over procedures and became accustomed to the school, personnel and their teachers. Please if any questions,concerns or any positive comments come up let me/us know. Like I explained to the students if we don't know there is a problem we can't help fix it...I am very proactive and want 6th grade to be a wonderful experience for all!

Wednesday 8-29

Our first full day! Lots of  getting to know each other,procedures and routines. Students have lunch today in the cafe...another new adventure.Red welcome sheets,binder and spiral notebooks can be brought in anytime but are needed by Tuesday September 4. Let's get off to an organized amazing start:)

Good First Day of School!!!

Welcome all! I am hopeful that everyone is ready to start on this new 6th grade adventure...I know I am! Today and the rest of the week will be getting to know each other...feeling safe within the classrooms...routines and most of all settling in for a year with lots of fun and learning which can actually happen together :) Also hope to see lots of parents tonight at OPEN HOUSE 6-7.

Wonderful Wednesday!

Finishing up book talks tomorrow, they are MUCH better than the first ones done in November!!! In writing we are progressing to cause/effect essay sometime next week. Using evidence and writing strategies I see great improvement in writing skills also! Way to go...

Monday 3-5

Book Talks are happening in Room 205. I see great improvement in oral reports since our last ones in November; more confidence and information. Good Job! We will be going to the Movies in 6th grade!!! A wrinkle in time see attached permission slip


Snowy Greetings!! We finished assessment on argument today, grades should be in on Monday with rewrites always available during lunch or after school. I am going to be assigning  students to read over the upcoming holiday.  Good job to those that have read the approx. 10 book quota to date...but I have too many students that have read very few books...we can't get better at reading unless we read, just like any sport or activity. Please help me encourage this activity...