First day a success!




Good Afternoon...6th grade turned in their first Article of the Week which included vocabulary,comprehension and a summary...working hard to become better writers!!
7th grade-completed a round of To Tell the Truth...communication at its finest!


I have been available in my room  at lunch to help rewrite personal narratives that have been returned to the students. There are several standards that were assessed so I am in hopes that students are not "satisfied " until they achieve their best score possible!! I will be in my room tomorrow also...I have had very few using this opportunity!


Good Morning, Most students have received their first writing,personal narrative, back. I will be in my room for the remainder of the week at lunch for anyone that would like help. Please ask your son/daughter to attend this rewrite,fix-up time to improve their score!!!
 7th grade- finished up our "speech" speeches today.

October 6

6th almost finished with Note and Notice story's homework is blue sheet Words of the Wiser. There will be a personal Narrative assessment tomorrow.
7th finished up creating outlines for speech presentation. Two students shared their presentation and outline today...great models!!

October 4...

6th... we finished our first MAISA writing unit. Watch for scores by Monday. There will be a personal narrative assessment on Friday: watermelon vs. seed idea, parts of a good narrative, reason for writing narratives etc. We will review tomorrow.
7th Speeches based on Speeches...begin Friday

October 2

6th-We edited in preparation for tomorrows editing of personal narrative.
7th finishes personal speeches ;reflected on positive growth and areas that can still be improved.

Tuesday 9-26

6th ready to write first personal narratives tomorrow.  Help them with specific details and memories to make their stories rich and full of their voice. I would like to feel like I'm there in the experience!
7th Bag speeches begin tomorrow: 2 minutes, 2 items, 2 steps and a quote, they have an outline that will be due before giving the speech.

Still hot Monday!

We are laying out the outline for our first writing "personal narrative" which we will begin Wednesday. Please take note that citizenship scores are on power teacher. It is early in the year and my goal is that all students are 3's on all citizenship scores soon. It IS doable for each student...

Hot Friday!!

6th grade assessment on story leads Monday...they need to be able to identify and create the 5 practiced in class: suspense, talking, setting, question and sound.
Communication : intrapersonal project due Monday. [email protected]

Thursday 9-21

20 days to make a habit...I'm still working on this blog becoming a habit and I apologize for the days missed. For future reference, if there is no blog there is no homework. We are working on leads for our personal narrative which we will begin next week. Students will identify different leads and be able to create a variety. 
Reading: all of the test results are in and we will begin small group instruction. To help your child, I can not stress the importance of reading at home!!!
7th grade: Homework??- Intrapersonal booklet on their physical,emotional and intellectual self. Due Monday

First Friday is history!!

Homework for 6th grade: Go to and look for books of interest to students. Bring the green sheet signed showing me the site was looked at. It's a great reference sight for reading materials!!
7th: There will be an assessment on personality types Tuesday. Journals with notes will be returned on Monday.
Thanks for sending me your son/daughter...they are JOYS to work with!!

Thursday 9-14

Greetings!Today we created "heart" ideas in preparation for narrative stories which will begin soon. We also learned through the fishbowl technique how to have discussions with partners A and B. We need lots of outside reading...hopefully each student can find at least one half hour per night to read to someone...a dog,a brother, a grandma???
7th We continued with communication/personality research learning more about learning styles and the uniqueness of each of us as individuals...this group is amazing!!!1


Good Morning, Thank-you for the responses to the pet question. Today's question : Which do you prefer hot or cold weather?Why?
6th grade: We organized binders for writing and reading for more efficient workdays.
7th grade:Finished "How we Learn" survey...tomorrow we will continue with the survey and discussion


Early release day. All 3 ring binders and spiral notebooks are due Monday, students also need a SSR book for everyday use. Question of the day/ How many pets do you have? Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday 9-7

Congratulations, you found me! What is your favorite pizza topping? E-mail me with your answer. 6th grade has an interest survey that is due Monday. 
 7th grade...brainstormed ways to communicate other than verbal. Also looked at and discussed standards that will be covered in Comm 7.