First day a success!



Wednesday 9-6

Good afternoon...Any student that communicates a synonym for pretty on this blog will receive a ticket tomorrow. Make sure you put your name on your response.  Students need 3 ring binders and a spiral notebook by Monday, if you have an extra to share with another student that would be amazing!! Have a great evening. 

Tuesday 9-5

 Greetings! You found my blog...please respond letting me know that you were here by telling me your favorite pizza topping, don't forget your name.

Tuesday 5-23

Flocab #11 due Friday...My 1st hour will enjoy lunch from Olive Garden Thursday for collecting an amazing amount of money for the childhood leukemia foundation in February...


Mystery Skype...where in the U.S. are you? Ask your son/daughter. Please remind them we have lots of learning left to do...


We worked on "tricky words" today, when to use accept/except...Book Talks begin next week, your son/daughter should have chosen their last project to present on that day. We will work on it during reading tomorrow and Friday but they MUST finish at home. Practice practice practice!!
Permission slips and $10 due next Friday May 26.


Today we wrote rough drafts of complaint letters, which will be finalized and typed on Monday.  If the complaints are real and unresolved they will be sent out waiting for responses. If they are fictitious then of course they won't be mailed.  The students have taken this assessment and run with it...excited to see results!!!

Wednesday 5/3 rain today!! 6th grade M-Stepped today and thankfully ALL of my 1st hour was in attendance. We had an easier afternoon after putting in 21/2 hours of grueling testing. Way to go kids! 

Monday moanin' :)

Permission slips for end of year field trip were sent home today:even though you have until May 26 to send them in ...the sooner the better. If your son/daughter will not be attending we need to know if they will stay home or come to school that day so we may make appropriate plans. It's always been a fun day, even if your child does not skate. As a thought...Thanks for sending me your child each day, these last few weeks can get hectic, but now more than ever we need to remember they are children and children tend to show wear emotions on their their excitement for the end of the year I will remind myself of this daily!!! :)

Monday moanin' :)

We will be finishing up book talks this week with an assessment over talks on Thursday. All notes taken during the presentations may be used.Any student that chooses to rewrite for an up score may do so with the rewrites being due Monday March 6.
Spelling #8 assessment will be Friday( vocab only)...crossword puzzle will be due then also.

Thursday 2-23

Hope you got a chance to look at the puppets yesterday. I will put another shot on next week when all bio/autobiographies are complete.

Valentine's Day

Greetings! Similes were the topic of the day, which then became Valentines cards. Ask your son/daughter about the math magician we traveled to the PAC to see. He was quite amazing...have a great heart-filled day...