First day a success!



Monday 9-26

Writing-Today students received their writing partner for the upcoming writing unit. I chose each partner- group based on ability/strengths/weaknesses. My goal is to have the students learn and grow from each other... as I facilitate and lead. I'm excited to get this in gear as today we'll put partner groups to practice!
Reading-The kids seem so eager to show me vocab words they are finding in their novels!!! I see such a hard working group:)


Writing-Wrote our opening paragraph to personal narratives which we will continue to work on next week.
Reading -Flocab#1 assessment and" volcanoes' text from packet also scored.

Wednesday -Last day of Summer!!

Writing-Took the first STAR test of the of the tests we do at SCMS to give us an approx. reading level for students. Students received their first writing scores yesterday. I put them in Power School and will be conferring with each student individually on how to improve writing...This is going to be an AWESOME writing year!!!
Reading- Flocab lesson 1G assigned...will be scored tomorrow!
Vocabulary test Friday...early release tomorrow

Monday 9-19

Writing-Brainstormed heart ideas for personal narrative...
Reading-HOMEWORK!!!  1D in Flocabulary packet due tomorrow. They did not finish in class.Sentences need to be written at this time:practices vocabulary and spelling. As students follow directions I begin to lessen the copying of sentences: for now they need to write out the entire sentence.

Friday Friday Friday!!

Writing- handed in our first writing- a sketch in words of someone familiar the the kids, I hope to get them assessed and scored by Tuesday. 
Reading- Took diagnostic vocab test. I entered it onto website but scores will not count...You and I can see where they began as far as understanding of typical 6th grade vocabulary words.


Writing-HOMEWORK!! If your child did not complete 4/5 paragraphs for character sketch they have homework! Please check with them...
Reading-Today's fire drill interrupted reading...for a 1st drill, they were well behaved:)

Wednesday 9-14

Writing- Finishing our character sketches...writing will very seldom be sent home to work on for a variety of reasons. If your child has fallen behind they may need to take it home to complete, but that should not happen often as I will stay on top of them...
Reading-Read an informational "letter" looking for theme and justifying their choice.
Have your son/daughter read out loud at home as much as possible, you'll be amazed at how much this helps them become a more interested reader!!!


Writing-began our first writing,a character sketch of someone...will continue work tomorrow. 
Reading-Began the hour with an informational reading and "close" reading questions followed. No scores yet,very soon as I think we are all acclimated to rules,procedures etc. and ready to put the year in full swing mode. 
To sign up for REMIND texts: Reading:@dehd64      Writing @8bdkk


We spent the morning putting together folders that will be used throughout the year in both classes. These folders are not to leave the class; parents will get to view them at conferences in October. They will help keep us organized,on-task and motivated as we begin reading and writing in class.


Writing-Discussed Creek Awards given at end of year...English Trivia worksheet
Reading-I am reading from "The One and Only Ivan" if any students want to follow with me as I read that is encouraged. I sent book orders home Wednesday, they are due Friday 16th.
Reminders:Binders are due Monday as we will be putting together papers for upcoming units. 1st hour received a coupon fund raiser packet; please read instructions and send materials back by Monday 9/19
All classes are off to a great start and I'm so happy to see the reading and writing enthusiasm oozing from them!!!!! Have a terrific weekend....

Another hot one!

Writing-Wrote letter to future self, I will save and return them in June survey sheet due Friday
REMEMBER Binders,SSR books and yellow slips all due by Monday

Wed. Sept 7

Writing-Everyone received spiral notebooks and we wrote our first entry...5 minutes of sustained writing "way to go 6th grade". Please send in binders so on Monday we can put them together and get started with our first essay lessons.
 Reading-We read for 20 minutes which will quickly grow to 35 minutes. Have students bring in book of choice / I will be teaching them how to borrow from my own library. Somehow holding a book that's "yours" makes the interest level soar...Hoping to turn each student into lifetime readers:)

We made it! September 6...

Greetings! Diane Hendrick here. a.k.a ELA 6th grade. I have been teaching 6th grade the last 4 years and love the energy and enthusiasm that comes with this age. I know all the kids have amazing stories to tell about events and personal adventures and together our classes will  become a unit; as we strive for confidence while stretching our writing skills.  
   In reading we will read a variety of genres as we observe the similarities and differences in novels.  Always,always students need to have a book with them for class. Reading is the number one component to successful students!!