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Daily Agenda



Thursday, April 25

Complete/Discuss Page 30 of pink packet; Before, During, After event.  And, what are the "Key Moments??"
Continue research/fact finding for Chronological Historical Essay.  Sort into Before, During, After categories; Do NOT forget to include website, author.  

Tuesday, April 23

SUP (15 minutes)
Discuss correct answers for M-Step Practice Test.  
Begin topic selection process for Chronological Historical Essay.  
-Begin a Google Doc for notekeeping/facts/works cited
-Topic must be an event, not an individual

Tuesday, April 16

M Step Prep- All Week
-Online Tools Training
-Bubble sheet as you go
-#7 to be completed in Google Docs
-Skip #20-24 today (Listening Questions); We will complete in class tomorrow

Thursday, April 11

No Journal Today
MAZE Testing-Fluency (3 minutes)
STAR Make-up testing for those absent on 4/10; Retakes tomorrow, 4/12, for those who don't meet the 35th percentile in student growth will be asked to retake the STAR Reading.  
RCBM Testing will begin today as well.  RCBM is our oral fluency test. (3 minutes).  
Students will be working independently on pages 14 and 16 of their chronological historical essay packets.  Page 16 is a historical account close reading.  Students will read the passage twice.  Each time they read it, they will have a different purpose.  Those details are in the packet.  

Monday, April 8

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Begin Historical Chronological essay unit.
Discuss/Practice Descriptive and Summary writing.  
STAR Testing is Wednesday, April 10!!  

Friday, April 5

Journal: Free Write
40 Book Challenge Stickers
STAR Score Review
Spring STAR testing will take place on Wednesday, April 10

Wednesday, March 13

No Journal Today
SUP; Choose 4 articles to read (remember, you can change the complexity of the text).  Complete all associated activities for each assignment.  

Tuesday, March 12

Journal: Write about your argument paragraph writing experience.  Did you enjoy the research?  Did you learn anything new or surprising?  
STAR Testing-Progress Monitoring

Monday, March 11

Final Copies of Argument Paragraph due today.  
I will also collect pre-writing graphic organizer (Yellow).  

****Argument Paragraph DUE Monday!!****

Students will submit Argument Paragraph via Google Docs by the end of the hour on Monday.  

Friday, March 8

Journal: Free Write
Discuss Intro./Concluding Statements
Complete Pre-Writing Graphic Organizer
Continue typing Rough Draft
SUP when finished
****Argument Paragraph is due Monday at the end of each hour.****

Thursday, March 7

No Journal Today
Filling in Pre-Writing Graphic Organizer (Yellow).  I will collect this tomorrow at the end of each hour.  
Begin typing Rough Draft.  
**Argument Paragraph is due Monday, March 7**