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Daily Agenda



Monday, February 4

Welcome Back!!  A Week of Snow Days!!  
Journal: Write about your week off!
Finish "Energy Drinks..." article.
-Mark Up Text
-Paragraph Response; Answer question, provide evidence from text
Take A Stand Activity

Friday, January 25

Welcome Back!  Two straight Snow/Ice Days!!  
Journal: Free Write
Finish reading article: "Should Energy Drinks Be Banned."  Mark up the text and write response.  Response should be 5-8 sentences using evidence from the article.  No Opinions!  

Tuesday, January 22

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Argument Paragraph-MAISA Writing Unit
- Article Practice; Read Article, "Should Energy Drinks be Banned?"  Mark up the text.  Try to provide anecdotal and factual evidence to support your claim.  

Friday, January 11

Journal: Free Write
Complete articles; Quizzes, Power Words, Writing Prompts.
Some students will be getting AIMS Web tested today and next week.  

Thursday, January 10

No Journal
Choose 3 articles from  Read the articles and complete all assigned activities (power words, writing, quiz) for each article.  

Tuesday, January 8

STAR Testing- Official Winter Testing
SUP/Finish Newsela articles if not completed already. 

Friday, December 21

Finish watching "A Christmas Carol."  
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!  

Thursday, December 20

Journal: Write a review of "A Christmas Carol." What did you like/dislike? Why? What do you think the themes of the story are?  
Watch first half of "A Christmas Carol."  We are watching the 1999 version starring Patrick Stewart as Scrooge.  

Wednesday, December 19

No Journal Today
Finish reading "A Christmas Carol."  We need to finish Scene 5.  
Watch "Mickey's Christmas Carol."  
We will begin watching "A Christmas Carol" tomorrow.  

Tuesday, December 18

Journal: Make predictions for the end of "A Christmas Carol."
Read Act II, Scene 4 of "A Christmas Carol."
Discuss Scene 4.

Monday, December 17

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Begin reading Act II of "A Christmas Carol."  We will read Scenes 1,2, and 3 today.  
Discuss the first 3 scenes of Act II.

Thursday, December 13

Journal: Write a summary of the first 4 scenes of "A Christmas Carol."
Finish reading Scene 5 of "A Christmas Carol."
Begin questions on Page 281 of the purple literature book.
-Responding to the Selection 1-8, Analyzing Literature 1-4, and Critical Thinking and Reading 1-2; All need to be restated. 

Tuesday, December 11

Journal: What are some of your holiday family traditions?  
Continue reading "A Christmas Carol"  
Media Center visit tomorrow to renew/return/check out books.  

Monday, December 10

Journal: Write about your weekend
Finish assigning parts for "A Christmas Carol."  
-Begin reading "A Christmas Carol."