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Daily Agenda



Friday, December 7

Journal: Free Write
-Sticky Notes for Notice and Note signposts.  
40 Book Challenge Stickers!
Still looking for a few memoirs!  Make sure you have submitted.  

Thursday, December 6

Journal: Reflect on the memoir unit.  What did you enjoy? Dislike? Why?
Those students who are not yet finished with their memoirs will finish today.  
We will preview "A Christmas Carol."  It is in our literature book.  It is a screenplay version.  We will not act it out, but do more of a "table read" with it.  So, we will assign parts and read it aloud in class over the next week or so.  

Wednesday, December 5

Memoirs are due TODAY!!!!
Final copies will be typed and submitted in class today.  
I am also collecting physical copies of revised rough drafts and "All Ball" packets.  

Tuesday, December 4

No Journal Today
Memoirs- Rough Draft; Final Day to work on rough drafts.  Students should be finished revising and editing rough drafts when they exit class today.  If they are not, they have HOMEWORK tonight!!  They need to be in a position where all they need to do is type the Final Copy in class tomorrow.  
Final Copies are due at the end of the hour on Wednesday, December 5.  TOMORROW!!  

Monday, December 3

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Continue work on Memoir Rough Drafts
-Discuss Revisions/Editing
-Peer Revisions
Begin typing Final Copy if finished with revisions/editing.  

Wednesday, November 28

Begin Rough Drafts of Memoir.  
-Look at Rubric on page 31 of Memoir Packet (blue)
-Please skip lines on R.D.
Memoirs will be collected next Wednesday, December 5.

Tuesday, November 20

No Journal
Watch Film: "Tuesdays With Morrie" ; This will take the entire hour.  

Monday, November 19

Journal: What are you thankful for? Why?  
Finish Read Aloud, Final 2 chapters today: Conclusion and Afterword
-Finalize Green Guided Questions/Vocab Packet (Collect tomorrow 11/20)
We will watch the final 50 minutes of "Tuesdays With Morrie" tomorrow during class.  Make sure green packets are in class for check-in.  

Friday, November 16

Journal: Free Write
Read Aloud: Ch. 25 & 26 of "Tuesdays With Morrie"
Share current STAR scores- Students will get two scores.  A score from 9/11/18 and a score from 11/12/18
Collect Page 19 (Memoir Study-All Ball) from blue memoir packet. 

Thursday, November 15

Journal: What do you think are the most important lessons you have taken from "Tuesdays With Morrie?"  Give Examples.
Read Aloud: Ch. 24 "Tuesdays With Morrie."
Finish "marking up" All Ball
Complete page 19 in blue Memoir packet; Memoir Study about All Ball.

Wednesday, November 14

No Journal Today
Media Center
-Book Check Out, Returns, Renewals
Read Aloud: "Tuesdays With Morrie" Ch. 23
-Guided Question
"All Ball" Close Reading Activity
-Mark up the text (number paragraphs, circle key terms, underline important ideas, question mark unknown terms, questions in the margins, comments in the margins)

Tuesday, November 13

Journal: Write a summary of "All Ball."
Read Aloud: "Tuesdays With Morrie." Ch. 22
-Guided Questions
"All Ball"-Second Reading
-Mark Up The Text; Brief video that shows some strategies for marking up the text (numbering the paragraph, circling key terms, and underlining potentially important details).  

Monday, November 12

Journal: Write about your weekend.
STAR Testing-Progress Monitoring
-We are hoping to see improvement from September scores.