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Friday, September 30

Journal: Free Write
We have abbreviated classes today due to our end of day Pep Assembly.  Each class will be approximately 50 minutes.  

Wednesday, September 28

Journal: Write a summary of "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi"
Finish/Turn-in questions; Page 23; RTTS 1-9, AL 1-3, and CT & R 1-2; Restate ALL

Tuesday, September 27

No Journal Today
SUP (15 minutes)
Continue reading "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi." Focus on plot.
Begin working on comprehension questions; Page 23
     -RTTS 1-9, AL 1-3, and CT & R 1-2; Restate questions.

Friday, September 23

Journal: Free Write
     -Students should have 8 journal entries at this point (5th hour only has 7).
SUP; Students should be bringing a SUP book to class daily.
Book Share; 5 notes about partner's book.   

Thursday, September 22

No Journal
Finish "Lather and Nothing Else" Questions; Page 10
Make sure you are bringing a SUP book DAILY!!  We now have access to the Media Center.  

Wednesday, September 21

Visit Media Center
     -Book Check Out
Continue working on Lather and Nothing Else Questions;
-Page 10; RTTS 1-9, AL 1-2, CT & R 1-2, Must Restate questions. 

Monday, September 19

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Read short story: "Lather and Nothing Else"; Page 3 of Lit. Book
Begin questions on Page 10; RTTS 1-9, A.L. 1-2, and C.T. & R. 1-2; Restate questions.  

Friday, September 16

Journal: Free Write. 
     -Students should have 6 Journal entries at this point.  All entries should include date and topic and be approximately 1/2 page.
SUP (Independent Reading)- I would encourage all students to bring in a book they WANT to read.  

Thursday, September 15

Journal: What is your favorite food/s? What about your favorite restaurant/s? Why do you like those places? 
SUP (independent reading)
Watch short film: "All Summer in a Day"