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Wednesday, March 6

No Journal Today
Define/Discuss/Practice Commentary.  Page 38-39 in Blue Packet.  Students will practice writing a piece of commentary.  
They will also begin a pre-writing activity today that will continue tomorrow.  
**Final copies of the Argument Paragraph are due Monday, March 11 by the end of the hour.**

Tuesday, March 5

No Journal Today.
Begin typing Rough Draft of Argument Paragraph.  Start with the debatable claim and choose the best 2 factual and best 2 anecdotal pieces of evidence you found.  

Monday, March 4

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Continue research for 15 factual pieces and 10 anecdotal pieces of evidence.
If research is complete, then begin putting claim, facts, and commentary together in paragraph form.  Do NOT cut and paste evidence into your paragraph.  Type everything in.  Use quotation marks and parentheses to indicate the evidence is someone else's.  

Thursday, February 28

No Journal Today
Media Center
-Book Fair!
-Book Check Out/Renewal
Page 27 of blue Argument Paragraph packet; Dissect a Writing Prompt  

Barth Syndrome Fundraiser Video

We have a student at SCMS that has this rare disease. We are hosting a one day fundraiser on Thursday, February 28. Please consider donating during your lunch tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 27

No Journal Today
Continue Argument Paragraph research.  Searching for 15 pieces of factual evidence and 10 pieces of anecdotal evidence.  Please remember to cite your sources (website name, author of article).  
Tomorrow, February 28 we will heading to the Book Fair.  We are also having a fundraiser for Barth's Syndrome.  It is a rare disease that is impacting a student at SCMS.  Please consider making a donation at lunch tomorrow!!  

Tuesday, February 26

Journal: What obstacles do you have in your way during your research?  How are you going overcome those?  
Continue research for Argument Paragraph.
-Should have a Google Doc created where evidence can be saved and reviewed.
-Need to find a minimum of 15 pieces of factual evidence and 10 pieces of anecdotal evidence.  
-Make sure your claim is debatable (has 2 sides); Also, make sure your claim is one where you will be able to find factual evidence.  Often times students select topics where anecdotal evidence is easy to find, but factual evidence is difficult.  

Monday, February 25

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Begin research for Argument Paragraph Topic; Explore/Choose potential argument topic ideas; Create Google Doc where notes will be kept; Remember to cite sources.

Friday, February 22

Journal: Free Write
Complete Page 24 of Blue Packet; Evidence Types Mini-Task
-Do people have a right to internet access?  Yes or No.  Must provide 2 pieces of anecdotal evidence and 2 pieces of factual evidence.  

Thursday, February 21

Journal: Brainstorm a list of potential argument paragraph topics (7-10).  
Media Center Computer Lab; Evidence Types Mini-Task (Page 22 of blue packet), make a debatable claim, then find two pieces of anecdotal and two pieces of factual evidence that support your claim.  You must cite your sources (name of website and author).  

Tuesday, February 19

Journal:  Write about your weekend.
Blue Packet (Argument Paragraph)
-Take a Stand Activity; Page 17; Complete worksheet, share answers with partner, then whole class discussion/vote
-Define Evidence Types (Anecdotal and Factual)

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Media Center:
1.  Enter short term goals into EDPs with Mrs. Adams.
2.  Bi-weekly book check out/renewal; SUP

Wednesday, February 13

Journal: Why is it important to set goals for yourself?
EDP Short Term Goal Setting; Working with our EDP coordinator, Mrs. Adams.  

Monday, February 11

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Continue MStep Online Tools Resource practice via Chromebooks.  

Tuesday, February 5

M-Step Online Practice: Passage-Based Writing
-This is a one day practice assessment.