Welcome to English Language Arts with Mrs. Wingblad

Welcome to the 2017-2018 year! 
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1st hour : AVET6L
2nd hour: VTGTQV
4th hour: KKX42M
5th hour: NE4D3P
6th hour: KGTJFH
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1st hour: 7M9S28
2nd hour: BPM366
4th hour: AGQWSS
5th hour: THWXJU
6th hour: DSWHMY


Friday, February 23rd

We have had a busy week in ELA. Yesterday, they were given two informational articles in the NEWSELA website. They were to complete both of them. I recorded both comprehension articles. I recorded one as a practice and one as a performance task. They were then instructed to read/finish Chapter 7 of Esperanza Rising and the proceeding questions.
Today, we reflected on what we could do different in our schools so that what happened in Florida does not happen here. I am excited to read their responses and hope to share some of them out to you. They were then supposed to read Chapter 8 and work on the questions. 

Wednesday, February 14th

Students were given a quiz over Chapter 4 in Esperanza Rising. They were able to use their books and notes. They also had as much time as they needed to complete the quiz. Students are not allowed to retake this quiz but more quizzes will be given about this book, they need to be prepared. I have attached the quiz and have gone over it with the students as well as strategies to use when reading the book. 

Thursday, February 8th

Warm Up - Grammar Sheets - Pronouns and a review - students should expect a quiz over their pronouns coming up shortly. 
STAR progress monitoring 
Unit 9 Flocab retakes/make-ups
Esperanza Rising - Need to have completed by tomorrow - Chapter 4 read and questions answered. Chapter 5 read and questions started. 

Tuesday, February 6th

Warm Up - checked grammar pages 9 & 10
Quiz over 1-3 chapters of Esperanza
Discuss the book 
Handed out Chapter 4 & 5 questions to students
Students are to read Chapter 4