Welcome to English Language Arts with Mrs. Wingblad

Welcome to the 2017-2018 year! 
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1st hour : AVET6L
2nd hour: VTGTQV
4th hour: KKX42M
5th hour: NE4D3P
6th hour: KGTJFH
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1st hour: 7M9S28
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Tuesday, January 9th

We are currently working on parts of speech for our grammar section. I have attached the first 2 worksheets we have done already. 
We started flocabulary unit 8 today. Assessment is Friday. 
We are also starting our winter testing that we conduct every year. This includes STAR, Maze, and RCBM. 

Wednesday, January 3

We did "Month in Review", lots of important dates coming up for the students. 
Thursday, January 4th - Maze testing
Friday, January 5th - Witch of Blackbird Pond" Assessment
Thursday, January 11 - STAR testing
Friday, January 12th - Early Release
Monday, January 15th - NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, January 23rd - PSAT testing
Friday, January 26th - 1/2 day for students - END OF SEMESTER
There is a lot of testing happening this month because of our winter testing schedule. Please make sure that you student's are giving their best effort because the data provided will be used to design their future high school classes. 

Thursday, December 21

All of the argument paragraph papers were due by today. The students have had ample time to write, revise and rewrite, and submit by now. If your son/daughter has not turned it in, they need to get it to me before we come back on break. They should be sharing their document via Google Docs. We have almost finished "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" When we come back from break, we will finish and review with a final assessment on Friday, January 6th. 

Monday, December 11

We are peer editing our argument paragraph today. I have attached a video I showed to the students to show how we should give good constructive criticism to our peers. 
We also have Vocabulary Unit 7 "Ray's Way" we are assessing this week. I have attached the exercises as well.
The Argument paragraph final is due tomorrow. The students will submit to me via Google Docs. They are to cite their sources using MLA format. I will be going over this with the students tomorrow. 

Monday, November 27th

Warm Up- Grammar pages 177 & 178. We will be completing our punctuation unit in the next couple of days, students should expect an assessment over punctuation within a week. They should have kept all of their punctuation pages that we covered in class in their binder. 
Flocabulary Unit 6
-exercise D is due tomorrow
-assessment on Friday, December 1st
Argument Paragraph
-students were handed an exemplar piece of an argument paragraph
-students were told to pick their debatable claim
-students were told to write down 3 pieces of anecdotal evidence (defined as testimony that something is true, false, related, or unrelated based on isolated examples of someone's personal experience)

Tuesday, November 21

Independent reading time
Read Chapter 13 in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"
Attaching all correct definitions for argumentative terms