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COVID Information

If we are in Phase 1-3, all Middle School students will be working from home as the building will be closed to the public and students. Teachers will be teaching students remotely with course work. 
If we are in Phase 4, the Middle School will be following the SCCS - Roadmap Safety Requirements, and below are some details of what it will look like for us.
  • Masks - These must be worn the entire time by students, staff, and anyone in the building.
  • Arrival - Students will not be able to enter the building before 7:15 AM. When students arrive at school they are to pick up their grab & go breakfast & Chromebook and go directly to their assigned locker hallway. 
    • Hybrid Students, regardless of how they get to school, will pick up their grab & go breakfast, and immediately report to their designated areas:
      • 8th Grade- Media Center
      • 7th Grade- Drama Room (502)
      • 6th Grade- Cafeteria
    • Hybrid students will NOT have an assigned locker and will keep all of their belongings with them in their classroom.
  • Lunch
    • Lunch for face to face students will essentially stay the same with the exception of seating. Each lunch has 30 minutes, which includes student passing time to lunch and to class. There will be two designated eating areas to reduce the number of students in the cafeteria.
    • Hybrid students will eat lunch in their classrooms. They can get school lunch which will be delivered to the room or bring a lunch from home.
  • Classrooms 
    • Students will apply hand sanitizer upon entering every classroom.
    • Students will have assigned seats while in the classroom.
    • Sharing of supplies will not be allowed.  
  • Passing Time
    • The majority of classes are set up in grade level wings to keep cohorts of students together during passing time. 
    • Hybrid students will NOT participate in passing time. They will remain in one assigned classroom with restroom breaks and/or water bottle refill breaks held separately from the face to face students.
    • Students will carry an assigned Chromebook from class to class. They are allowed to use a small, nylon drawstring bag to carry their Chromebook.
    • Passing time is ten minutes in length and is plenty of time for students to use the restrooms and fill water bottles. 
    • All classrooms will be sanitized during passing times.
    • Students will be encouraged by all staff to use the restroom to wash their hands during passing time and refill their water bottle during passing time. 
      • The restroom outside Mrs. Corbat’s office is for 8th-grade students only. 
      • The 7th-grade students will use the restrooms in the 500 hall near the 200 hall. 
      • The 6th-grade students will use the restrooms in the 600 hall by the gym. 6th grade ELA classes will not have the same passing time as others due to their two-hour block. The 6th grade ELA teachers will take a 10 minute passing time before or after the regular passing time for students to get the bathroom break and water bottle refill time.
      • Students are not permitted to use restrooms that are not designated for their grade level.
      • Hybrid restrooms are in the media center. 
  • Student Dismissal
    • Dismissal will be done via announcements with small cohorts of students dismissed together.
    • During the 5th/6th hour passing time students will go to lockers to gather all of their belongings needed for the evening and take them to their 6th hour class. Students will not be allowed to go to their lockers once they are dismissed from 6th hour. 
    • 6th hour teachers will collect Chromebooks to be charged overnight. 

Students who chose not to follow the SCCS - Roadmap Safety Requirements and the requirements listed here will be asked to work from home until we move into Phase 5.