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Supply List

Swartz Creek Middle School Gr. 8 School Supplies - Core Subject Areas

*Please note that supply lists are tentative - teachers will be launching their own webpages soon which may include revisions.

Social Studies (Mr. Fernald, Ms. Bearden, Mrs. Henige)

Students will be issued a textbook that is to be kept at home.  There is a class set of textbooks for students to use in school.  In addition, each student will need to have the following:

    1. An inexpensive three-ring binder to be used only in this class.
    2. Set of 5 tabbed dividers labeled as follows:  Toolbox, Daily Work, CDV’s, Civics, Graded (assignments)
    3. one-subject spiral notebook (to be left in class)
    4. Calculator (very basic--something from the dollar store is fine)
    5. Color pencils—NO MARKERS OR CRAYONS!
    6. Black felt tip pen (not ballpoint pen) for lettering maps & projects; (i.e. Bic “Flair” or any other fine point pen with a “marker” type of ink)
  • Highlighters—more than one color will be helpful
  • Extra pencils/pens
  1. Pencil pouch for binder to store the above items so that students have what they need for class each day.

*If you have any concerns regarding your ability to obtain the above list of supplies please contact me, or your student’s counselor, as soon as possible.

Science (Mrs. Forbes and Mr. Speck)

  1. Pencils (donations would be greatly appreciated or one can be purchased in the student office for $0.25)
  2. Planner (must have to record passes to leave the classroom)
  3. Science binder (3 ring at least 1” no more than 2” and clearly labeled for Science on the binding)
  4. Spiral bound notebook of paper (any amount will work)

Math (Mr. Vollmar & Mrs. Barta)

  1. Pencils & pens
  2. Spiral notebook for notes
  3. Folder to keep worksheets in
  4. Scientific Calculator (not required but highly recommended)

                [Texas Instrument - Model: TI-30XIIS is what is used in Gr. 8 Math classes]


(Mrs. Wingblad & Mrs. Card)

  1. (3) ring binder with at least 4 tabs (Vocabulary, reading, grammar, & writing)
  2. (1) folder for transporting graded papers to home
  3. (1) notebook for journaling (per semester) & loose leaf paper
  4. Pencil(s)/Pen (either red or blue)
  5. Independent Reading Book

(Mr. Hope)

  • Silent reading book
  • Planner
    1. Flash drive ($5.00)
  • Pencil
  1. Loose leaf notebook paper