Positivity Project

Welcome to the Positivity Project (P2)

For the 2019-20 school year, SCMS has commenced implementing the Positivity Project during Dragon Time which is the new advisory period for all of Gr. 6-8 students. The Positivity Project was founded as a non-profit organization (www.posproject.org) supporting schools across the nation in building positive  school cultures. Please consider reviewing the Family Information Letter attached to the right, under the P2 Shield for additional information regarding this great program.


Below is a list of the activities that SCMS will commit to providing for our families so they can participate in the Positivity Project:


School Messenger Notifications

On Mondays, parents will receive a message highlighting the character strength of the week which can be used to generate conversations at home. Teachers may also choose to include character strengths information or photos through their blogs on the school website (or other links).

Character Cards

At the beginning of each week, SCMS will post the Character Card for that week’s strength. Families can use the information to gain a better understanding of each strength, along with the definitions and language being used at school to teach their child about the strength. The Character Cards can be found on the P2 Webpage:


  • Leadership (May 6 - May 10)
  • Other People Matter Mindset (May 13 - May 17)

The character cards will also be shared to parents via School Messenger emails (through attachment).

P2 Webpage

Each month, SCMS will update this P2 webpage as another vehicle to communicate to our school community the mission of P2 and the character strengths. SCMS will also share information as to how our families can stay informed and any other worthwhile news connected to the  Positivity Project.

Social Media

Each week, SCMS will post information regarding the strength for that week on through our school Facebook page. We may also post other Positivity Project (P2) messages from the P2 organization’s own Facebook page.  Twitter messages will also provide photos and progress on character strength studies and projects each week.

Please review the character strength being studied by SCMS staff and students during Dragon Time in May 2019: