Nightwatch (2019-2020)

Raising children, managing a household and work does not always run on a schedule that allows parents to be in direct contact with his/her child’s school, especially when safety issues arise. Often times, these issues will come to a parent’s attention well outside the school day with no reliable way to alert school Administration which is something our District wishes to provide added help.  

Please access the following Google Form by clicking on the link below and completing  the form when encountering concerns about your child’s safety at school:

All messages sent after school hours until 8:00PM (each school week Sun. - Thurs.)  will be reviewed and acknowledged by our Admin. Team who will then make arrangements to appropriately address the reported safety issue at the beginning of the next school day.

*Parents and students can always reach out to the OK2SAY! website (if preferred):


which is currently staffed by the Michigan State Police!