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Community Service Requirements

As community service opportunities are presented, NJHS students can easily sign-up for service opportunities within the District and community. However, this is not intended to be the student's only source of community service opportunities. Students are highly encouraged to seek opportunities on their own. 
To access, see and sign-up for the volunteer opportunities available, students just need to follow the NJHS Google Classroom notifications. Her eis the Google Classroom Code: 
Here is a list of suggestions to help you help others:
  • Help an individual teacher at school
  • Tutor another student
  • Volunteer for church activities
  • Help with scouts
  • Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home
  • Read newspapers to the blind - this can be done from your own home on the phone
  • Volunteer for any of the Flint Journal "Volunteer Here" activities, which are printed each week in the paper.
  • Volunteer to help a senior citizen do a chore they could not do themselves, such as clean windows, mow their lawn, plant flowers, etc.  Don't take money for the job or it won't be considered volunteering.
  • Volunteer at the Humane Society
  • Volunteer at an elementary school to help one of your former teachers
  • Be creative!! Develop your own plan to help others.
Tips for Volunteering
  • Try to make your service hours ones that reward the community and make it a better place
  • Try to find opportunities that are fun for you individually
  • Smile and show the adult who must sign your service form that you enjoy the chance to help.
  • Say, "Thank You," to the person who signs your service form.
  • You MUST complete at least 15 Service Hours.  Of course, you may do more.
  • Many local citizens would love to have you volunteer at their businesses on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for an hour after school.  Examples:  veterinarians, attorneys, public libraries, daycare centers.  Ask and see if this is a possibility if you are interested.  Be assertive!
Your 15 hours MUST be earned AND SUBMITTED by March 18, 2022.
NJHS Advisers
Feel free to contact any of us with any questions.
Anthony Suchanek  - Assistant Principal - - 810-591-1706
Kellie Robertson - NJHS Adviser - - 810-591-1730
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