SCMS Intramural Sports

Program Philosophy:
High performing middle schools all sponsor programs that help develop both a healthy mind and body through interscholastic and intramural sports programs.  At Swartz Creek Middle School, our Intramural Sports program provides opportunities for all young adolescents to participate in some sports activities regardless of their stage of development, size, exceptionality, gender, ethnicity or any of the other differences that characterize this age group. 
*Based on recommendations from Clearing The Hurdles: Issues & Answers In Middle School Sport
(McEwin & Swaim 2007)
Intramural Sports Director
Mrs. Rock
Conference Period:  12:25PM - 1:20PM
                    Phone: (810) 591-1750
Please contact the coach regarding tryouts, practice dates and times, etc.
Coach:  Laura Woodby  810.577.0943