SCMS Yearbook

Our Digital Productions class, led by Mrs. Bell has the primary responsibility for developing our 2021-22 school yearbook while working collaboratively with Jostens Inc.
This select student group also has the responsibility of marketing and selling the yearbook with proceeds being returned to the class account for associated field trips sponsored by Jostens and to replace technology used for yearbook  photography and creation of digital layouts. Please submit photos for our yearbook on this link: SCMS Yearbook Submission Form
  To place an order for a yearbook click this link:   SCMS Yearbook Order form
8th Grade parents can purchase a celebration ad for their 8th grade student. To purchase an 8th grade celebration Ad click this link:  8th Grade Celebration AD
Contact Information - Digital Productions Teacher
Mrs. Keri Bell
 Telephone: (810) 591-1746
A limited supply of  2020-21 yearbooks are available. 
If you did not pre order and would like to purchase a yearbook, please contact Mrs. Bell directly by clicking this link: .