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Washington DC Trip Club

Washington DC Trip Club 2022-23 

Click here for the link to the Feb. 7th Parent-Student final meeting:


Click here for the link to the Student Travel Supply ListDC Trip Club Student Travel Supply List


Additional Information links below: 

DC Informational Meeting (Sept. 22)  

DC Trip Registration -Highlights 


Questions regarding the DC Trip Club can be directed to their email address at this link: 
Washington DC Trip Club paperwork can be dropped off  on the counter in the Front Office of Swartz Creek Middle School. 
Important Information!!!
1.) Reminder of mandatory meeting for STUDENT TRAVELERS and their GROWNUPS ----- Tuesday, Feb. 7 - 6pm - SCMS Cafe' and hallway areas
2.) MEDICATION INFORMATION: MOST travelers will have medication forms to fill out (they get headaches and need meds)
    PRINT and FILL OUT the corresponding FORM( A, B, and C links below),  to make it quick and EASY for your traveler!
               Form A - This is for items like inhalers and epi-pens (prescribed by the doctor) - MUST BE SIGNED BY DOCTOR
               Form B - This is for prescriptions (everyday medications prescribed by the doctor) - MUST BE SIGNED BY DOCTOR
               Form C - This is for over the counter medications (OTC) - these are items like: Motrin/Tylenol; Benedryl; Drammamin; ant-acids (not in prescription bottle)  
   *Medications can be brought by GROWN-UPS, not students, to the office and dropped off WITH THE CORRECT FORM filled out!
   *We realize that some medications are regulated and extras are not available, meaning they will HAVE to wait until the evening of departure, please let us know if that's the          case.
Contact is easy:
Remind app: Text "@dc2023scms" to 8101

Kind Regards,

DC Crew:
Eric Fernald, SCMS educator
Erin Francis, SCMS educator
Amy Hart, SCMS educator
Dan Murphy, SCMS educator