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Safety Alert! - Morning Student Drop-Off

Morning Student Drop-Off Needs - South Parking Lot!
With the fall and winter season, morning drop-off in darkness creates a greater need for safe and courteous driving in our middle school parking lots each school morning.  Please review the points listed below to help keep students, parents, and staff safe while using the South Lot.
Pull down the full length of the sidewalk for dropping off students! We have nearly 550 feet of available curb space but only half of this length gets used most mornings because most drivers insist on stopping by the flagpole to drop off children. Using the other 50% of available curb beyond the flagpole could drastically reduce wait times!
Have students ready to exit the car once your car is stopped at the curb. When drivers are curbside please have children ready to exit vehicles immediately, to allow the the line to move faster.
Please do not double park. It’s dangerous to have children dropping off where they must pass in front of cars. Double-parking slows the line for everyone as cars that have dropped their children cannot clear away from the curb.

If all drivers follow these standards, we can move the line more quickly and with greater safety.  Please help us all achieve these important goals!

North Lot Morning Routine - Special Notes!
The Circle Drive on the north side of the building (by the Pool Doors) is also open for student drop-off during much of the morning routine.  SCMS Administration will have someone on site each morning between Approx. (7:25-7:35AM) to monitor students disembarking busses and crossing the parking lot to enter the school building.
Drivers are asked to be cautious of our students moving across the parking lot at this time and be prepared to stop (wait time is approximately 3-5 min.) while busses are directed out of the lot to begin the elementary school bus run. 
Please reference the diagrams below