Safety Alert! - Student Drop-Off & Pick Up


Our south parking lot experiences heavy traffic both immediately before and after school.  SCMS Administration occasionally receives calls from concerned parents about unsafe conditions that arise due to drivers failing to be cautious, especially during the morning drop-off.  During the winter months, the morning drop-off also has the added challenge of “darkness.”

With some added patience and courtesy, we can create safe and orderly drop-off and pick-up  routines for drivers and pedestrians by adhering to the following:

1.)  Respect handicapped parking section!

Please keep clear of the area immediately in front of the flag pole.  Our families with handicapped students rely upon this area being available.  Your cooperation and adherence to existing law will be greatly appreciated.

2.) Insist that passengers use curbside doors only!

Children need to exit vehicles on the curbside only.  It is far too dangerous to permit our children to step into the line of traffic when exiting the car.

3.) Drop and Go! Do not park in the drop off line.

If you cannot wait your turn in line, park in a parking space and walk your child to the sidewalk. Double-parking slows everyone down and is dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.
The newly constructed area on the north side of the building (by the Pool Doors) is also open for student drop off and pick up daily.  SCMS Administration will have someone on site each morning between Approx. (7:25-7:35AM) to monitor students exiting busses.
Drivers are asked to use the visitor entrance and exit only. Please do NOT use the bus entrance closest to the softball complex. Buses must use this area both before and after school.
Please reference the diagrams below