Grading Program

Middle School Grading Program Has New Features!
In an effort to more accurately communicate student learning, updates have been provided to our middle school grading program that has started this fall.  The following updates have been provided:
  • Use of half points (.5) to allow teachers to precisely communicate student learning to parents through the Power School Parent Portal.  Parents and students can check-out the new Performance Level Descriptor Chart available for review in the menu on the righthand side of this webpage.
  • Traditional letter grades will provided for each class. Parents will be able to quickly check their child's overall progress of all (6) assigned classes by taking looking at these course letter grades throughout the quarter in Power School Parent Portal and on each quarterly report card.   
  • Updated learning progressions for all courses so parents can see what skills their child may need more assistance or better apply themselves. Please click here to access the Learning Progressions page.
Need assistance with Pearson Parent Portal? We are always available to give parents a demonstration for navigating the Pearson Parent Portal. Please call your child's counselor for assistance:

Jennifer Sheeran (Last Names Ending A-L) . . (810) 591-1713

Email: [email protected]


Aimee Shreve (Last Names Ending M-Z) . . . . (810) 591-1714

Email: [email protected]


You can also view Instructions available at the District PowerSchool webpage or by clicking below for assistance:


Power School Parent Portal


If you have any other questions regarding our grading program, please contact Principal Michele Corbat through the Main Office at (810) 591-1705. Thanks!