Gr. 7 Learning Progressions (2019-20)

 Welcome to the Gr. 7 learning progressions page where parents and students can access the most recent version of all learning progressions for the courses available to our Gr. 7 students!
Please click on the title of the course and immediately view the learning progressions for that course.  Be sure to use the tabs at the top of the learning progression page to see all of the available pages. 
If parents should have further questions regarding a specific learning progression and how it is being applied, they are encouraged to contact the child's teacher directly for assistance. All general SRG questions can be put directly to the Principal, Michele Corbat (810-591-1705). 
Please Review:
Each learning progression packet contains a number of uniform worksheets that have (3) separate sections:
Course Competency - an overarching standard that includes the skills of multiple standards (sometimes referred to as a "Power Standard" or "Parent Standard" to smaller or more basic standards).
Standard(s) These are the essential skills or capabilities that students will be challenged to gain and improve. Becoming competent in these standards is the goal for all students which will lead to becoming Competent for the "Parent Competency." 
 Learning Progression(s) -  Description of student performance at the four performance levels in our SRG Program (Emerging, Progressing, Competent, and Exemplary) for each standard.  These progressions will be used for establishing performance marks and student goal setting.