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Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Mrs. Clayton, and I teach intervention classes for math at Swartz Creek Middle School.  Below, you will find the class syllabus for Skills for Success Math.  This class is awesome opportunity for students to build their skills and reduce their struggles with their learning math.  Thanks for reading through to see what my class is all about.  I look forward to working with you and helping you to find success throughout this year and beyond!





Skills For Success Math


What is this class?  Why am I in it?  This is an intervention class to help you succeed in your general math class at Swartz Creek Middle School.  You were selected for this class by a team of teachers, including your previous year's math teacher and administrators based on previous math grades and math skills you exhibit in class.  This is a wonderful opportunity to have extra time and support in your math learning to help you find success this year.  

What will we be learning?  We will work along side your regular math class to help build skills and improve your overall ability in math.  We will spend some time reviewing material from previous years' learning and practice newly taught skills from the current year.  Class will be conducted in various forms including individual and small group work, whole class sessions, and study sessions.

What do I need to bring to class?  Every day, you must have the following items in class.  Without these items, you will not be about to fully participate in our lessons.  

  • Pencils
  • Skills for Success Folder
  • Math Workbook and any Worksheets Currently Assigned
  • Independent Reading Book

How will I be graded?  Students will be graded on their participation in our classroom activities and their math improvement throughout the semester.  


Behavior Expectations:  I expect hard work and respect for me and I will respect and work hard for you.  We will practice and discuss what is expected in our class and these expectations will be followed at all times.  If these expectations are not followed, we will hold a discussion.  IF the behaviors continue, we will work together to determine the best solution.  This may be communication home and/or an after school detention.

Contact:  The quickest way for me to communicate is through email:
[email protected] .  I can also be reached by phone at (810) 591-1754.  I will also put some important links on my blog.  This will not be updated daily because so much of what we work on is long term practice.  You can locate to my blog through the Swartz Creek Middle School homepage.