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Quick Info.

Mrs. Erin Francis  B.S; M.A.T.
Swartz Creek Middle School
Conference hour: 1st hour 7:40am - 8:40am

Recent Posts

10/20/17 check-in

1.) End of the marking period is 2 weeks away!!!
2.) Assessment over Producers, Consumers, Decomposers and a Food web will be TUESDAY 10/24!

Oct. 10

We are working in our Ecology Interactive Notebooks and making progress on learning food webs and the flow of energy in our ecosystems.
There will be an assessment this week!  A Remind101 will be sent out as well.
I will be out of the classroom for 2 afternoons (Thursday & Friday) as the district is working diligently to align curriculum and set learning progressions.

Thurs. Oct. 5 - Back up and running!

Back up a running!  After many attempts to get this website working, Edlio has seemed to make this work...for now.
Please know of a couple things:
I was out of the classroom today.
There is a Remind101 for parents and students to utilize, however, I have not posted anything to it just yet.
Some of you are noticing markings on ParentPortal.  I realize that there are 1's and 2's.  Please keep in mind that students are getting science EVERY day, unlike most of them had in elementary.  The information they are learning and practicing is new to them...anticipate the 1's and 2's right now.  They will be progressing in the next couple of weeks and IF you aren't seeing those progressions move forward, then there very well could be a problem.
Please feel free to email me at ANY TIME.  I will respond as soon as I can.
I'm enjoying your kids being in my classroom, very much!


So far we've had 3 snow days!  This does create some disruption within our plans for school, but safety is FIRST!
Anticipate students to be taking assessments the week of Martin Luther King Jr. day.  We will also be heading into our final segment of Ecology.  Please, keep up to date on lesson plans by visiting my online lesson plan book. (The link is the "links" page of this blog)

Full moon and Snow days!

Wow! This week is short due to the snow day we had and NEXT week (week before the holiday) is a 4 day week as well.
Coming up...students will be completing a BECPO booklet; turning in notes for 1.1, 2.1 and the vocab. for those sections as well; an assessment will be on TUESDAY of our holiday break week.
Be aware that the hallways of our building can be quite chilly as well as some classrooms are very different in regards to temperatures.  Please make sure your students are dressed appropriately, in layers, so they can accommodate their attire as needed.

Beginnings for MP2

So far we are moving forward with our learning.  Here's what needs to be known:
 - Vocabulary words: predator, prey
symbiosis, parasitism, mutualism, commensalism, cooperation, competition
- Due TOMORROW (Thursday 11/17) - PARASITE POSTER!
- Due FRIDAY (11/18) - No Mrs. Francis - vocabulary frames and 2.2 heading notes - ***ASSESSMENT***
- Due Monday (11/21) - Symbiosis Foldable (tri-fold)
Check out the link to the online lesson plan book and you can know what's going on every day...students can hop on there as well to stay up to date!!!
****Some items needed for the classroom:
 - kleenex (you know, the good fluffy kind...not the sandpaper of the school kind)
 - glue sticks
 - clorox wipes
 - paper towel for our classroom sink