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First day a success!


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Wonderful Wednesday!

Finishing up book talks tomorrow, they are MUCH better than the first ones done in November!!! In writing we are progressing to cause/effect essay sometime next week. Using evidence and writing strategies I see great improvement in writing skills also! Way to go...

Monday 3-5

Book Talks are happening in Room 205. I see great improvement in oral reports since our last ones in November; more confidence and information. Good Job! We will be going to the Movies in 6th grade!!! A wrinkle in time see attached permission slip


Snowy Greetings!! We finished assessment on argument today, grades should be in on Monday with rewrites always available during lunch or after school. I am going to be assigning  students to read over the upcoming holiday.  Good job to those that have read the approx. 10 book quota to date...but I have too many students that have read very few books...we can't get better at reading unless we read, just like any sport or activity. Please help me encourage this activity...


So Sorry it's been a while. Working hard everyday to create better writers. Currently working on strategies for an argument paragraph. Students are taking a stance on year-round school and backing up their claim with researched information. In reading our 1st book talks are taking place. Any student that has completed their talk has their scores back...ask how they did. IF a written final draft was not turned in it will be scored as a 1 until the final copy is given to me. For the 1st time speaking in front of the class they are doing a splendid job...practice makes perfect!


Flocab #3 will be due Friday with an assessment Friday. Hopefully you heard about our successful Mayflower play...thanks to all that sent in clothing and gear. The kids seemed to enjoy it immensely!
SCIENCE OLYMPIAD meeting Tuesday 245-330..ALL parents and students welcome!!!

Flocab #3 will be due Friday with an assessment Friday. Hopefully you heard about our successful Mayflower play...thanks to all that sent in clothing and gear. The kids seemed to enjoy it immensely! Special thanks to Gabe for loading this pic!!!


We're creating The Mayflower Compact" a drama over the next 3 days. Scenes are being built and scripts are being read. Any time period props would be greatly appreciated!! We have a musket and a Native American costume. 


6th We will be working on a Mayflower Compact presentation Monday and Tuesday and presenting Wednesday. Does anyone have time period clothing or replicas we could borrow? Even scarves or shawls would add to the authenticity of 1600 America??
7th Informational speeches will begin Monday. We have been researching all week and hope to become better informed on a variety of topics next week!


Completed 10% summaries...redoes will be available Thursday and Friday at lunch. I will encourage all students that did not receive 3's to attend my lunch session!


Today we assessed the 10% summary after teaching/reteaching and practicing all last week. This is a technique that they can/will use throughout their entire school career. 
7th grade-Informational paper and speech is under way...preparing our way towards persuasive essay and debates!!!


We did it! Lots of hard work, but we tackled the 10% summary. Grades will be in Monday for our first practice and I'll be assessing it on Monday...I'm excited to see each of you next week at our conferences!!
7th Newscasting presentations went well. We learned it's not as easy as these polished professionals make it look. I'm impressed with the effort that students put forth in this class...Kudos


Note and Notice purple book mark due Friday
Flocab spelling and meaning assessment tomorrow
Genre identification tomorrow....a very busy half day!
7th grade-tomorrow we will begin news casting communications and become newscasters next week!
note and Notice k due Fridaypurple bookmar