First day a success!




Good morning, Cause/Effect is our new writing to your kids about this daily. Why did this happen? Because of ____, this was the effect.    You didn't study for the test, therefore you didn't do well. Cause and effect is around us   daily,hourly, always...First grades are being recorded for the last marking period. Let's finish STRONG!!


Flocab 9 assessment tomorrow. I have been available at lunch the last 2 days for any student that wants to redo,rewrite or rethink any essay or assignments from this marking period...I will  be in my room at lunch tomorrow also. 


Flocab #9 due Thursday assessment will be that day also as Friday is 1/2 day. We have been working on Kindness article-of-the-week which will be finished in class tomorrow. All students have been given back their SHELLS essay which includes 4 scores. I will be in my class all week at lunch if any students want to take the opportunity to rewrite any sections. I will need all rewrites by Friday

I'm back!!

Parents...I have given the STAR reading test for the 4th time last Friday. The students were told that the scores would be a reading assessment on their report card this 3rd marking period. If you notice a huge change in their grade because of a lower score please let me know and I will take into consideration their growth along with the final score. Please never hesitate to contact me with any concerns, I'm here for the kids!! Diane Hendrick 591-1758


Greetings! We are writing up a storm in writing hour. Students learned how to write a START sentence for informational papers...their writing sounds so...intelligent! Ask them what START acronym stands for.

Tuesday 11-27

Flocab # 5 will be due Thursday with an assessment Friday.  The hovercraft is  our next writing/reading assignment. We watched a couple of short video clips and began looking at the pros and cons of each; as a consumer which would you buy and why?

Good Monday

The students were certainly talkative today! We managed to work our way through our argument paragraph;citing evidence and supporting our position. Tomorrow we will put the entire essay together for our first grade of the second marking period! Flocab #4 has been assigned and spelling will be assessed this week along with vocabulary definitions...

Monday moanin'

Greetings...Tomorrow is voting day. Please get out and vote and take a friend or relative with you!!!! Thanks for showing your support of our kids!!!

Happy Friday!!

We have been writing, using fact/opinion,  argument essays. Students have been choosing a side to defend with text evidence. Monday we will begin the graded essay using competitive sports as our topic...The second STAR test has been given;hopefully at conferences next week I will be able to share the results with you. If you haven't signed up for conferences please do ASAP I still have a couple of openings and I'd love to see all there!!

Wednesday 10-24

Lots of learning in room 405! We have been practicing argument essays with pros and cons...This week students will get to choose their side to the argument as they prove with evidence from the articles...

Wednesday 10-17

Today we discussed the pros and cons of video games as stated in an article. Students began searching out the pros and the cons and creating a T chart in preparation for writing an argument paper; taking a stance on one side of the argument.

Friday 10-12

Good Day! Well we are progressing along and most of the students are following procedures with conscientious abilities...ask your son/daughter to share their CREEK scores with you. This is an overall citizenship score for each class. These scores reflect the amount of care/respect they have for the classes. My goal is that all students achieve 3's...

Oct 5 Friday

Final drafts of personal narratives were handed back today, four standards received grades. Students may redo,fix,revise for better score! Please have them share with [email protected]!!!!

October 2

Good Morning, We are finishing our personal narratives today and will be typing tomorrow. I'm so thrilled at the work and revision that has been taking place in our room since returning their rough drafts...tomorrow we will be typing and wrapping up this unit. Our Dragon Hour is beginning work on Passion 
Projects for those students that are 100% caught up on all academic work. Ask them about this project if they have me for Dragon Hour!