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Daily Agenda



Friday, June 7

This is it!!!!  Thanks to all for a wonderful 2018-19 school year.  I let the students know, but I can now tell parents:  I am moving to 8th grade next year!  I look forward to working with many of my students again in the 19-20 school year! 
Thanks Again,
Mr. O'Brien

Monday, June 3

Kahoot! Review Game
-Bring phone if you have one
-Those who don't have a phone will partner with someone who does
We will begin watching film, The Outsiders, tomorrow.  
Exam schedule begins on Wednesday. 1/2 days on Wed, Thur, and Fri.  1-2 Wed.  3-4 Thur. 5-6 Friday.   Students will be released at 10:51 all 3 days.  
Good Luck on your tests, exams, projects, and presentations!!  

Thursday, May 30

Finish The Outsiders; Ch. 11 and 12
We have had many students missing class due various field trips, activities, etc....If, for any reason, you need to read The Outsiders you can find a link to the full book several posts down on my blog.  

Tuesday, May 28

Continue reading The Outsiders
-Ch. 8 and part of Ch. 9
If you need to read any of the Outsiders you can find a link to a PDF copy of the entire novel a few posts down.  

Thursday, May 23

SUP (10 minutes)
Continue reading The Outsiders
-Ch. 7
-Discuss Ch. 6; Where do we go from here??  


This Friday, May 24 ALL 7th graders will be participating in a 7th Grade Celebration.  We will be heading to the PAC at approximately 8:15 to watch a movie: The Sandlot.
Upon our return, students will head to their normal lunch.  After lunch student will go to their normal hourly classes, but will be participating in teacher-chosen fun activities.  Cards, games, movie, etc....

Monday, May 20

Journal: Write a summary of Ch. 1-3.  
Continue reading The Outsiders.  Ch. 4.

Thursday, May 9

Continue working on Chronological Historical Essays
Due at the end of the hour tomorrow for 1st, 5th, and 6th Hours.  Due Monday at beginning of hour for 2nd and 3rd.  
Don't forget:
-2 text features (pictures, graphs, maps, timelines, etc...)
-In-text Citations and a Works Cited Page
-Total of 5-8 paragraphs

Wednesday, May 8

Journal: Write about your Math M-Step experience.
Discuss citing sources; both in-text and works cited pages
Discuss Introductory and Conclusion Paragraphs
-Practice writing introductions
-answer questions that will guide our conclusions

Wednesday, May 1

Journal: Write about your ELA M-Step testing experience.
Body Paragraphs; What needs to be included in your body paragraphs?  What are the 4 components?  Pages 40-41.