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Daily Agenda


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Monday, May 21

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Begin "The Outsiders" :  Have a brief discussion about author, purpose, and plot.  
Listen to Ch. 1 of Outsiders.  

Tuesday, May 15

No Journal
Discuss/Model In-Text Citations
Works Cited Page
Finalize essays in Computer Lab 804.  

Tuesday, May 1

No Journal:
M-STEP Testing Today!! Math.  
5th and 6th Hours: Watch "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." 

Wednesday, April 25

Journal: See page 14 of Chrono. Hist. Packet.  Answer questions 1 and 2 at the bottom of the page in your Journal.
Historical Account Close Reading Activity.  Pages 16-18 in packet.  

Monday, April 23

Journal: Write about your weekend.
SUP (10 minutes)
Research topic for Chronological Historical Essay;  Will be recording final choice today. In your notes include the article title and author's name.  

Thursday, April 19

Journal: Write what you know about Pearl Harbor.
Documentary: The Holocaust; Using documentaries to gain background information for use on our Chronological Historical essays.  

Monday, April 16

Journal: Write about your weekend.
Historical Chronological Essay Key Terms/Definitions; In Journal
Begin preliminary research on potential historical events for essay.  

Friday, April 13

Journal: Free Write
Finalize Text Dependent Analysis Essays; Collect at the end of each hour.  Students should have highlighted passage, 1 of 2 prewriting activities, and the essay.  

Wednesday, April 11

MAZE Testing
RCBM Testing
Finish Text Dependent Analysis Essays
Begin to look at rubric and how to score essays.  

Tuesday, April 10

Journal: Why is the testing (MStep, AIMS, MAZE, etc...) so important?  Explain. 
Continue practicing Text Dependent Analysis (MStep).  Read short article (benefits of public transportation), highlight, annotate article.
Pre-Writing Activity (Word Web or Outline) 
Written Response

Tuesday, March 27

Journal: Write about your experience with the M-Step Online practice tools/training.  Was it difficult?  Why do you say that?  
Revisit Genius Hour; Share what you have with a partner; Why did you choose this topic; What have you learned that you didn't already know?  

Monday, March 26

Journal: Write about your weekend.
M-Step Prep; Online practice/prep.  Exposure to online tools and practice essay.  

Wednesday, March 21

Reading Month "Book Shelf" Activity
Revise/Edit Argument Paragraphs.
Share/Submit Arg. Para. 
Work on Genius Hour.