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Mr. Adam Vollmar » Monday 6/6/16

Monday 6/6/16

Pre Alg
AE:  We did stuff

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Thursday 5/24/18

Alg:  Spend the entire hour today preparing for tomorrow's TEST.  Students should come home today knowing exactly what they need to work on.  Assign p.666 (Ch.9 Test)
Pre:  Review Surface Area of Cylinders and teach 8.5 Surface Area of Cones.  Assign p.625  14-21 and p.635  1-8.  During class today, we will also review Quiz 8.3 (Spheres) and Ch.8 Test.  Both are available as retake options next Thursday.

Wed 5/23/18

Alg:  Review 9.9 (Quadratic Formula) and assign p.661  1-30 (excluding 18-23) as review for FRIDAY'S CHAPTER 9 TEST.
Pre:  Teach 8.4 Surface Area of Cylinders and assign p.623  1-10.

Tuesday 5/22/18

Alg:  Review 9.7 and move on to 9.9 (Quadratic Formula).  Assign p.657  1-23.  This completes our work in Chapter 9.  BIG TEST FRIDAY!
Pre:  Ch.8 Test all hour.  Assign Flocab sheet to review Volume.

Monday 5/21/18

Alg:  Review Lesson 9.7 (Solving Quadratics with Square Roots) and assign p.639  17-35.  Students will have time to finish the quiz from Friday (9.5-9.6) if they need it.  Several students will need this time to start and finish the quiz.
Pre:  The first half of class will be spent finishing our project (measuring volume of 3D solids).  Assign W.Sheet 8.3SP to review for tomorrow's TEST over 8.1-8.3.  Students must know formulas for Cylinder, Cone, Sphere and Hemisphere.  Please quiz them tonight.

Friday 5/18/18

Alg:  Quiz 9.5 -9.6 today!  This is a big one and the students should be ready for it.  Assign p.639  1-16.  Good luck today.
Pre:  After homework review, we will be measuring volumes of actual 3D solids with an arranged partner.  This will serve as the review for their upcoming Test over Volumes of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres next Tuesday.

Thursday 5/17/18

All Classes:  Due to career fair today,  I will see a limited number of classes. Those who do see me will work on any missing assignments and when finished, I have a career worksheet for them to work on.  All curriculum resumes Friday.
Reminder to Algebra Students.  Big Quiz Friday over 9.5 and 9.6.  Review tonight!

Wed 5/16/18

Alg:  Review lessons 9.5 and 9.6.  Take a practice quiz over those lessons and assign W.Sheets 9.5 and 9.6B as review for Friday's Quiz.
Pre:  Quiz 8.3 (Spheres) and assign W.Sheets 8.1 SP and HP

Tuesday 5/14/18

Alg: Teach 9.6 (Solving Quadratics by Factoring) Assign p.633 1-19.  Quiz Friday over 9.5 and 9.6.
Pre:  Practice Quiz 8.3 (Spheres) and assign W.Sheets 8.2SP and 8.3PS.  Quiz Wed over Spheres.

Monday 5/14/18

Algebra:  Review 9.5 Solving Quadratics by Graphing and assign p.625  11-20.  Today, I will allow students who've prepared to retake our most recent assessments.  Good luck.
Pre-Algebra:  8.3 Volume of Spheres.  Assign p.609  1-12 and W.Sheet 8.1 P.S.

Friday 5/11/18

Alg:  Review homework.  Teach 9.5 (Solving Quadratics by Graphing) and assign p.625  2-10.  If we have time today, I'd like to review Quiz 9.1-9.3.  If we run out of time, we'll review it on Monday.
Pre:  After homework review, students will be taking Quizzes 8.1 and 8.2.  Assign a review sheet over volume and area after the quiz.  Good luck today!

Thursday 5/10/18

Early Release Schedule in place today.
Alg:  Review 9.4 Comparing Quadratic Functions and assign p.617  10-18.
Pre:  Review Homework.  Take Practice Quiz 8.1 and 8.2 to help prepare them for tomorrow's Quiz over the same lessons.  Assign W.Sheet 8.2 PS.

Wed 5/9/18

Alg:  Quiz 9.1 -9.3 and assign p.617  1-8
Pre:  Review 8.1 Volume of Cylinders and Prisms and teach 8.2 Volume of Cones.  Assign 601  1-8.  Quiz Friday over 8.1 and 8.2 (Volume of Cylinders and Cones).  Students must memorize the formulas.  Please quiz them at home over the formulas.

Tues 5/8/18

Alg:  Review Graphing Quadratic Functions extensively and take Practice Quiz.  Assign W.Sheets 9.3 B and C.  Quiz Wed over 9.1-9.3.
Pre:  Teach 8.1 Volume of Cylinders and Prisms.  Assign p.593  1-8.

Monday 5/7/18

Alg:  Reivew 9.3 Graphing Quadratics extensively.  Assign p.609  8-14.  Students will quiz over 9.1-9.3 on Wed.  Please monitor work completion.  I have noticed several students starting to wane with respect to work completion.
Pre:  Quiz 7.4-7.5.  This will conclude our work in Chapter 7.  Tomorrow we will begin our work with Ch.8 (Volume of 3D Figures).  Assignment today:  W.Sheet 5.5 EP.

Friday 5/4/18

Alg:  Review Ch.8 Test and Lesson 9.2 extensively.  Assign p.609  1-7.  Please pay attention to current scores.  Chapters 8 and 9 are the most important of the year.
Pre:  Review homework.  Take Practice Quiz over 7.4 and 7.5 (Similarity) and assign W.Sheets 7.4 and 7.5 SP as practice for MONDAY's QUIZ.