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Welcome to German!

Welcome to German at Swartz Creek Middle School!  My top priorities are for my students to develop confidence, compassion, teamwork skills and critical thinking, and of course, learn German!
In my class, a well-prepared student has...
    - a binder or two-pocket folder just for German
    - lined paper (spiral bound or loose leaf)
    - a writing utensil!
    - separate notebook, pocket, or folder for German diary entries
    - a dry-erase marker (I will supply the first one)
Resources (each of these has a website and a smartphone/tablet app):
    - leo.org (a great online dictionary)
    - memrise (flashcard tool)
    - duolingo (doesn't line up 100% with our curriculum, but still great extra practice!)
Syllabus links*:
German 1-A (7th Grade)
German 1-B (8th Grade)
German 1 (8th Grade)
*Details on each syllabus may change slightly as we progress through the year.
Google Classroom:
Each hour has its own Google Classroom site with a unique access code.  If your child has trouble accessing their site, let me know and I can help you out!

Recent Posts

Unit 2 Vocab is Out!

Our German students are beginning Unit 2, which focuses on home and family.  Ask them to show you our Google Classroom page to see the vocabulary list, as well as other resources we have been using in class.  
Want to help your child be successful at German?  Help them make flashcards, either on note cards or with an app, of their vocabulary!  

MS Open House

Thank you to all who came out to the middle school open house tonight!  I love meeting parents. :)  If you couldn't make it and you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm here to support you!
-Frau Wilson