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 - Welcome and Introduction -  

Welcome to Mrs. Dean's speech and language page for Swartz Creek Middle School! I have worked as a Speech and Language Pathologist since 2002.  I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a bachelors and masters degree in speech and language pathology.  I hold a national certification as well as a state license to practice speech and language pathology.  I recently obtained an additional masters degree in reading from Concordia University, Nebraska.

- Supporting Swartz Creek Middle Schoolers -

Speech and language skills are intertwined with every aspect of student lives.  Receptive language skills are needed to understand conversations with friends, directions and lessons in the classroom, as well as what is read. Expressive language skills are required to participate in conversations with friends and about classroom content as well as writing tasks.  Pragmatic language skills are important in understanding the social aspect of communication.  Speech skills are used to produce correct sounds and speak fluently.

 The Speech and Language Pathologist's roles and responsibilities in the middle school include:

  • evaluation and educational planning for students with speech and language impairments
  • provide speech and language services to students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • collaborate and consult with middle school staff
  • educate and provide resources to parents and students
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