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How Do I Use Power Parent/Student Portal to access Powerschool

PowerSchool Portal will allow you to access the Parent Portal for viewing and updating your Student and Parent information.  Click this link for a brief video tutorial: Power Parent Video Tutorial 
Click this helpful link for instructions on how to create your single sign on for the Parent Portal:  Single Sign On for Parent Portal Instructions
Please watch this video if your child does not know how to access his/her PowerSchool account:  SCMS Student PowerSchool Directions
○ Username is your child’s first and last initials and student number.
○ Password is their student number.
○ Once you have initially logged in please change your password to something you will remember.

Firefox users may receive an error message when attempting to access PowerSchool:  Click this important link for instructions to fix this error.
Please direct all questions about the Power Parent/Student Portal to Barb Parker at [email protected] or 810-591-1709 for assistance.

I was able to access last year but can’t this year:

If you had access in previous years and haven’t been able to gain access yet this year, we have set up a hotline and email support this week to get you logged in.  Please feel free to contact our helpline at 810-591-2391 for assistance.  If you prefer to complete this process electronically, the school has sent an email with the subject line Creek Parent Portal to the address you provided the school with instructions to complete this electronically. 

Please email the following information to [email protected]

  • Your first and last name
  • All of your students first and last names along with the grade level and DOB

You will receive a return email with a username and temporary password that we encourage you to change.

Each parent/guardian is encouraged to create their own account, and for that to take place only one account will be created for each email we receive. For example, if there are two parents/guardians, they must each send an email from the email they wish to receive information to the [email protected] address in order for an account to be created.

This information will also be on the district home page at Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked to resolve this matter.