Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! 
Below you will find the link that takes you to the class Google Drive folder which has been made public for easy access; this means that you will not be asked to request permission. This folder contains supplemental materials such as the class syllabus as well as assignments, and daily agendas. 
The daily agendas contain everything that we did for that particular day; this includes daily learning targets, performance tasks, and success criteria. Any helpful information for that day's lesson, such as lesson-specific notes, links, and activity instructions, among other things, are also included in the agenda for that day. 

Isn't All of this This Crazy?!?!?

Hey, guys!

I hope all of you are hanging out at home doing your part to keep yourselves and your families healthy. I'm sure you miss school though and would give anything to be back in class with your favorite teacher.........ME........right...? It's me ;)


While we are 'on hiatus' for the next 3 weeks, I'm offering some different activities to help keep you engaged and learning. I'm trying to get several different things together that will help you all review what we were learning before this unexpected break. Remember, we were covering the Constitution and would just have been beginning the Bill of Rights.


This work and these activities are simply to help keep you in the loop so you don't forget everything we learned and will NOT be for a grade. While you have no obligation to do anything I'm posting here, I hope that you will at least look through what I've collected and give some of it a try. 


That being said, I would love for you to try to keep some kind of journal during this time. What we are experiencing right now as far as the #StayHome movement is something that will be talked about in so many future history lessons. This will be something you will tell your children and your grandchildren about. Do you know how awesome it would be to have journal entries to show them when they ask you about it? You can create your very own PRIMARY SOURCE documents! 


I encourage you to keep in touch with me via Google Classroom, email, Remind, or Twitter (I'm too old and not cool enough to have an Instagram) if you have any questions or if you just want to share something. It would be nice to hear from you while we are on this extended break. Believe it or not I MISS YOU GUYS!! 


Hoping to see you all very soon!


-Mrs. Guigear



Accessing Daily Agendas and Other Information

To keep up with class lessons and activities, you can access our daily classroom agendas by clicking on the Google Drive link provided on this page. Once in the folder, click on the 'Monthly/Daily Agendas' folder. Here you will find the very same agendas that I project for students during a class period. 
These agendas can be very helpful in the case of an absence or if you're just curious about all of the fun we're having :)

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